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With most people projecting that the Charlotte Bobcats will select Kentucky forward Anthony Davis in this year’s NBA draft, all eyes have now turned to the number two overall pick. Although the lottery has not taken place yet, many believe that the pick will be awarded to the Washington Wizards. With his selection, owner Ted Leonsis made it clear on Monday that he would like to draft Baylor forward Brittney Griner.

“I think that Brittney gives us a force down in the post that this league has never seen,” Leonsis said. “And I think our $2.3 million base salary should seem much more appealing than the school teacher salary she would receive in the WNBA.”

Last week, former Bobcats coach Larry Brown said that the team who drafted Anthony Davis would automatically win 50 games the following season. Yesterday, Brown continued his bold predictions by claiming that the team who drafted Griner would draft the first successful hybrid of Joakim Noah and velociraptor. The Wizards also believe that drafting another female will be good for team morale.

“John Wall hasn’t been quite the diva we hoped he would be,” head coach Randy Wittman said. “We’re hoping that Brittney will bring the necessary estrogen to jump start the rest of the team, and hopefully keep a clean locker room.”

In her last year at Baylor, Griner lead the team to a 40 win season and a national championship, two things that the Washington Wizards are incredibly unaccustomed to achieving. While Griner cannot guarantee that she will turn the team around overnight, she does believe that she can teach the team how to put the ball into the basket.

“For me, it’s always been really simple, you put the ball in the basket and score more than the other team,” Griner said. “Hell, the Wizards play in the Eastern Conference… you don’t even need a winning record to make it into the playoffs anyway. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fix.”

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