Into The Streets is Cornell’s largest day of service with over 1200
students expected to attend! This year, for the first time ever, this
will be a two-day event on Friday October 29th and Saturday October 30th. Cornell’s
spreading the service even further!



It is a shame that because of the extreme amount of desire to participate the Into the Streets Coordinators have had to turn away some groups.

There are hundreds of Asian Organizations on Cornell’s campus and one of the Into the Streets coordinators said (she wishes to remain anonymous), “The Chinese Bible Study Group had 14 groups of 12 people sign up to participate. We had to tell them we did not have enough sites for them to work at.”

14 groups, 12 students in each, that’s….I can’t do the math, but I’m sure they can. That’s however many students who are being deprived of participating in community service.

Clearly either Cornell students are just so eager to help out Ithaca, or maybe Ithaca is just that gorgeous.

It is a sad day when an organization has to turn down participants, but they have already expanded the event to two days and has deferred other clubs and groups to different types of charities. A quote from another representative of Into the Streets said that “instead of doing Into the Streets we gave them the option of walking in a Breast Cancer Awareness Wak, but they were not very enthusiastic.”

Maybe it’s time to make Ithaca a worse place to be so we can help make it better!