Drake sucks.

Last year, Slope Day 2010 was a sloppy mess. Bras were being thrown on stage and Drake was…. well, actually I don’t know how Drake was because I left the Slope before Drake went on.

But from what I heard he was terrible.

Sorry Slope Day 2010.

This year we’ve gotten Kid Cudi, LMFAO, M.I.A., and Phoenix, Super Mash Bros all in the span of 3 months. So, I would like to congratulate Cornell’s Concert Commission for officially ruining Slope Day 2011.

Congratulations! Now who is going to perform?

I’m not saying I’m unhappy about the concerts. It is actually the opposite, I am ecstatic! As is the rest of Cornell. We’ve been getting great artists and band performing on our Campus and we don’t have to drive out to Syracuse for a real concert.

But for reals guys, now Cornell doesn’t have enough money to get anyone good for Slope Day.

Although the there have been rumors that Stevie Wonder is going to start his comeback tour this year and Cornell is going to try and snag him for Slope Day….

But that’s a lie.