It has been a longstanding tradition at Big Red hockey games to chant,
after a goal is scored for Cornell, ‘it’s all your fault’ while pointing
in the direction of the other team’s goalie. Additionally whenever they
take off their mask the crowd chants, ‘ugly’ until he puts his mask
back on. My mom always says when she hears it, ‘I don’t like that, if I was the mother
of that goalie I would feel very bad, I think it’s mean.’

At a recent ice hockey game my mother’s uneasy feelings about these chants were confirmed (as most Jewish mothers’ usually are – that’s got to be genetic). In the middle of the game the goalie went to take a
sip of water and was harassed by ‘UGLY’ chants. In what must have been overwhelming feelings of embarrassment and self-esteem problems built up from middle school and being Canadian, but the goalie threw off his helmet and skated as fast as he could off the
ice. Immediately he was replaced, and in the post-game interviews
refused to speak to the press.

The head coach though did chose to comment on the behavior.
“Gorbachev did not take the criticism well, that is for sure…but
after being told it was all his fault on 3 separate occasions, and being called ugly…he just, he just couldn’t handle the pressure.”

A defensive payer for the team also commented. “It is also our fault, I don’t get the chant…it really isn’t all his fault.” When asked about the ugly comments the defense-men refused to comment.

The team will be holding workshops next week to work on their self-confidence and are looking for revenge when they face Cornell again next year.