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Video by Alex Rosenthal
April 28, 2012

I’m a JIM: A Tribute to Jets Islanders Mets Fans

It’s depressing being a fan of all of New York’s B-Teams. Life is hard when you prefer Hunt’s ketchup over Heinz, Friendster over Facebook, and Hydrox over Oreo. MORE »

Article by R$
December 5, 2011

Big Red Hockey v. Clarkson; Cornell Can’t Get It In

This article is the first in a potential series detailing the Cornell hockey games from the perspective of a huge Cornell hockey fan who also enjoys humor. This Saturday night I sat in the press box with fellow CB writer apost (who knows nothing about hockey as you will soon see) and detailed the game.... MORE »

Article by apost
November 26, 2011

Big Red Hot Hockey Storms MSG – And Your News Feed?

Tonight is the Big Red Hot Hockey game that takes place every other year against BU at MSG. In the next few hours your news feeds are going to start blowing up about about the game.  Examples of statuses you will see: 1. “At MSG go Big Red” 2. “Let’s go Cornell!” 3. “I’m in... MORE »

Article by apost
February 7, 2011

​Opposition’s Goalie Gets Offended

It has been a longstanding tradition at Big Red hockey games to chant, after a goal is scored for Cornell, ‘it’s all your fault’ while pointing in the direction of the other team’s goalie. Additionally whenever they take off their mask the crowd chants, ‘ugly’ until he puts his mask back on. My mom always... MORE »