It’s 8AM the Saturday before finals and Olin isn’t open so you study on the roof attempting not to freeze your ass off.

It’s 12PM and you spend 30 minutes on the phone with because your flight home has changed and they send you an email telling you to call them immediately, but only your flight number has changes.

It’s 4PM and you want a cup of coffee to keep you going, but the line at Libe is too long so you snort a random pill you found in the bottom of your bag and now you can’t get rid of your erection.

It’s 6PM and you’ve been parked illegally all day and when you go to get your car it’s been towed, but that’s okay because now you’re forced to stay at the library the rest of the night.

It’s 3AM on a Wednesday night and you can’t find a seat in the library.
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