Well now that poor ol' Professor Talbert's yawn-induced temper tantrum has literally hit every single gossip/humor/news website on the internet, his students from his Friday Business Computing lecture - yes, the same group of students who witnessed firsthand his freakout - decided to give Prof T a little taste of his own medicine by staging a "Yawn In" (see Facebook event above) for this Friday from 11:40 am to 12:55 pm.

Anyone who's around Statler Hall (I know I'll be) is encouraged to sit in on the lecture and check it out - who knows how it'll turn out. All I know is that either way, these freshmen really have some balls. Right about now I'm sitting here wishing that I had spent less time failing Talbert's quizzes and spending more time yawning in his class so that I could say I was the one that was lucky enough to make him flip a shit. That ship has obviously sailed.

Happy yawning, kiddos!
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