Proclamations of shock, distrust, and a hint of sexual frustration were heard across the Cornell campus as, on October 27, snow began to fall. 

Barry Valentine ’15 exclaimed, “I can’t believe it’s snowing in Miami at the end of October! What? We’re not in Miami?…. We’re in upstate New York?… oh then this is perfectly normal.”

As we get deeper into the fall semester the temperatures continue to plummet. Students have found that when the rain freezes, the brain freezes as well. A specific memory impairment appears each school year that applies only to the part of the brain that recognizes seasonal changes. 
Senior Jenna Duffield from Binghamton, NY immediately updated her Facebook status: “Omg it’s snowing!” 
When asked to comment, she said, “When I look outside and see snow I worry that I’m the only one aware of the changing weather. I take great comfort in turning to my Twitter and Facebook to see that other people notice the snow too!”
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