In what many are calling the most questionable move in its history, SU Abroad has launched a new program. In Antarctica.

Officials from SU Abroad have stated, “It was only a matter of time before our program spread to the icy underworld.” SU Abroad currently has campuses set up in almost every country in the world. Yes, even Canada.

Surprisingly, the move has been well received by the student body. Rachel DiMatteo, a sophomore American History major, has expressed interest in the new program. “It’s definitely something I’m considering for next year. I mean, I’ll get to be in a different country, but the weather will mostly be the same, so I won’t really get homesick. Plus, there’ll be penguins!”

Questions are still circulating, however, about the likelihood of people actually enrolling in this program. Many are suggesting that the idea arose as a means of expanding for expansion’s sake, that SU Abroad has taken it upon itself to institute a policy of manifest destiny at SU.

Representatives from the rest of the university, and around the country could not be reached for comment, as they were too busy chanting “USA! USA!”