From tsunamis to tornadoes to hurricanes to oil spills, Earth has been experiencing its fair share of natural disasters. Maybe the Mayans were in fact right when they said that the world would end this year. Weird things really have been occurring on our planet for quite a while now, but nothing as weird as this.

According to scientists at the Cornell University Weather Observatory, low solar activity has greatly affected the weather patterns through out the northeast and Canada, which will result in a cold, snowy summer in Ithaca. Dr. Theodore B. Lepstein, a professor in Cornell’s lab, was very worried about the solar activity. “Unfortunately, due to the other natural disasters Earth has experienced this year, the planet slowed down in it’s orbit around the sun. This caused delayed patterns in solar activity and we will now experience snow at the beginning of July or late June this summer.”

The startling news has caused panic among students who planned on studying in Ithaca over the summer. “I love spending my summers here, just knocking out credits and enjoying the weather, but now I might go home and take state-school class and enjoy the weather,” said Robbie Hancock, a junior from South Carolina in the College of Arts and Sciences.

A change in weather in Ithaca has never surprised anyone, but this one is absolutely shocking. This is more out-of-the-blue than any other weather change in Ithaca’s history. It just so happens to be the only place where you need to carry a sweatshirt all year long, but keep your jackets ready if you are in Ithaca this summer, because it is going to be a cold one.

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