Ever since Cornell University was established back in 1865, students and faculty have pondered, “Who is Mr. Cornell?”, “How did he create such a prestigious University?”, and of course, “Was that dude black?”

We can’t deny the glaring facts of this mans past.

1. Cornell was founded in 1865. The very same year the Civil War ended and slaves were freed. Suspicious? I think so.

2. School Motto: “I would found an institution where any person can find instruction in any study.” Emphasis on any person.

3. The founders name is Ezra Cornell. Ezra, in hebrew, translates to “the help.” When the civil war ended, Ezra helped black people get into the institution we now know as Cornell University.

4. And, of course the most blatantly obvious example: Kanye West has been quoted as saying, “Now I’ll let Ezra finish, but I just wanted to say he and I walked the streets of Ithaca back in the day together. We started this University from the ground up!”

So, there you have it; four solid facts that even Wikipedia would admire.