Awwww Here it goes:


Ladies and Gentlemen, Jay ““ Z is at it again. I wasn’t sure
if it was possible for him to create a masterpiece better than The Blueprint 3
but after hearing this week’s BMT mixtape, I knew that I was wrong.


This weeks BMT mix tape is called Viva La Hova, a mash up of
Jay Z and Coldplay music that showed that Lost off of Coldplay’s EP Prospekts
March, was clearly just the beginning of what in my opinion, is a soft rock
piece of art.


Here’s how it happened: Kanye and Jay-Z both hooked up with
Chris Martin for songs within the last 2 years, so people started scratching
their heads and then decided, hey, mash ups are sick let’s do one with Coldplay
and Jay-Z, then this was created.


As soon as I heard this album I immediately sent it to 3 of
my friends to get their opinions and I got outstanding reviews from them, all
of which were interested in various other types of music.  What makes this so appealing to just
about everyone is that it suits all music preferences. The Coldplay background
for those who prefer well, Coldplay, Jay-z for those who have a rap fix and
sick beats for really anyone.


Jay ““ z uses his music mixing talents to preserve Coldplay’s
music while making it his own with each song staying basically recognizable.


Don’t let the name of the album fool you either. While he
uses many songs off of Viva La Vida, he expands to very popular songs from
Coldplay’s albums Parachutes, Rush of Blood to the Head, and X&Y.


The tape is a total of 49 minutes long each song is about
2-3 minutes on average and there are 18 tracks so you have a lot to chose from.
So far I’ve concluded that the best times to listen to it are on rainy days
like today or when you’re studying or whatever. This tape is definitely chiller
than the last two mix tapes posted so don’t expect to hear this at a party.


Here are the Coldplay songs you’d hear on it:

High Speed

In My Place

Never Change


Death and All of His Friends


The Scientist

Fix You

White Shadows

Violet Hill


Homecoming (Which may I add is my favorite track. Not only
for the song its self but the fact that it was Kanye’s first. Major robbery.)




Like it? Yeah, me too. Bichin.


Download it here


P.s. Here’s a Side order for you: Artist Mac Miller will be
here this weekend performing at TKE. I’ve only heard his new mixtape Kids like twice but
I’ve been meaning to listen to it more since it’s sitting here on my iTunes
waiting for me. I’ll give it to you, but I cant review it so you’re gonna have
to make the judgment for yourself. From the few songs I’ve heard (Don’t Mind if
I Do ““ great song) I really like him so I’m stoked to get more into him and I
may be going to this show but it depends on whether or not my friend who’s
visiting is down.


Here’s the tape


Here’s the event

alright, I’m out, see you next thursday, 3 PM suckaaa

p.s. feedback? anyone? Buler?

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