There are obvious reasons as to why having your parents come visit you
abroad is the greatest. First being the endless amounts of money since
as we all know the only people who can afford go abroad are rich white
Jews anyway. But it is nice to have the tedious task of carrying ones
wallet around be alleviated. It a rough life.

And isn’t it fun showing your parents around to all the incredible
historical sights and surroundings that you have experienced abroad…or
make them take you everywhere since you have spent most of your days
sleeping away your hangover or sleeping away your hangover in a class.
Oh and don’t forget about taking them to your favorite places for
authentic dishes like that Mexican restaurant in Barcelona! ‘Their
burritos are the tits Mom!’

There are some parents though that can appreciate what going abroad is
really about…getting fucked up during the school year and not caring
at all about the consequences (sounds a lot like not being
abroad…could’ve saved you some serious cash). Isn’t that the best? I
love seeing parents at bars and clubs in Europe…lies. It really isn’t
as entertaining as you think it is friends. You think it’s so funny when
you’re parents go out. But, to the rest of us they’re just old and look
our of place.. like a lost puppy, just older and not as cute. Please
don’t take your parents out with you.

But seriously now..the best part of having parents abroad is feeling a
little bit of home far away. And boy do I love hotels. Nothing says
bliss like staying in a hotel for a week with your parents. Gotta love
those perfect 3 oz TSA approved shampoos and conditioners that you can
steal and use for your weekend excursions all over the world. And
although we think it will be hard to see our parents leave by the end of
their stay it feels like they’ve stayed way too long.