People Dont Know How To Spell In California

Picture by December 8, 2011

Some kids put up a sign about a fundraiser they were doing. They wanted this “qaurter” to be the best. IDIOTS! MORE »

Article by Anonymous
February 1, 2011

Zipped Magazine Greatest ‘Cuse Trends and Catchy Slogans

Welcome to the Zipped Magazine Syracuse University Bookstore collaboration competition! Syracuse is looking for a new style and we want your help!  We are holding a competition to find the latest and greatest ‘Cuse trends and catchy slogans. Slogans aren’t mandatory but think along the lines of,  “We are Penn State, ‘Nova Nation (Villanova)’ Maze... MORE »

March 17, 2012

Sh*t Brandeis Students Don’t Say Part 2

Introducing… the sequel to that other video. MORE »

Article by Anonymous
September 14, 2010

Drunk Student Found With Knife”¦and Fork

An intoxicated student was found sitting by the bathrooms in the Hall of Languages early Monday morning, screaming “I’m so fucking hungry!” Apparently the student, Jeff Gaffstater, was still wasted from Juice Jam. “They ran out of food at the Jam, so I be hungry today still, and drink still, so brought I brought my... MORE »

Article by Grill
November 28, 2011

U Mad?–Questions that Piss off Wash U Students

There are plenty of questions that bother Wash U students. We’re a sensitive group. Whether it be confusing Washington University with similarly named state schools, thinking that our athletics are division one or that our social life is hedonistic…it all pisses us off. Here are some of our (least) favorite questions presented to a typical,... MORE »

Cornell »
Article by smalls
November 15, 2010

Sweet Music Videos

Grum produces some of the most interesting music videos I have seen out of any artist (not to mention that  the songs are good by themselves), and here are a few of them. Enjoy. Grum – Can’t Shake This Feeling Grum- Through The Night MORE »

Marist »
Article by Piliour
September 29, 2010

Diversity Magazine Near Completion of First Article

Four years after its establishment on the Marist campus, Diversity WORKS, the diversity magazine under the Marist College Affirmative Action Advisory Committee, is almost finished with its first ever article, titled, “The Other Guys: What It’s Like to Be Different.”   The magazine consists of five members, an Asian, an African American, a Native American,... MORE »

Article by Homegrizzown
March 10, 2011

Pick-Up Lines To Get Da Gurlz of The Month – March

Have a problem talking to the ladies? Me neither.  But my game is probably better than yours, and you’re just lying to yourself.  Thought it was just between you and Palmala Handerson huh?  That’s not even a person, you disgusting fool.  That’s your hand.  So get off your ass this weekend, or at flip night... MORE »