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What’s a Grain Alcohol?

Article by kramerica22 November 16, 2011

It’s the most potent shit on the market, outlawed in Pennsylvania and guaranteed to absolutely skull fuck your entire week. Imagine Matt Damon’s full frontal blackout in the Bourne Identity, supersized with a twist of orange Kool-Aid. BOOM, EVERCLEAR.   At 38 bucks a pop and 95% alcohol per volume, grain alcohol is truly a... MORE »

Article by Rud
December 20, 2010

Student Tries to Bribe Professor, Turns Awkward.

Alex Linden left the university in shame Friday morning after a failed attempt to raise his History grade. With the end of the semester approaching he decided to make a visit to his professor to persuade her to give him a good grade. “I got there and I was like, ‘is there anyway I could... MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
October 21, 2010

Bitchin’ Music Thursday – 10.21.10

Hey everyone, This week I’m bringin you not one mixtape with one artist but a bunch of singles that are sneak peaks at new mix tapes, dropping within the next few weeks   1.     Heres a new track by Wiz Khalifa that hit the internet on the 14th but no one has no idea where... MORE »

Video by Anonymous
November 2, 2010

Otto vs. The Flu PSA

Who makes these things?! And who the hell is doing the voice over? MORE »

Video by loganor
February 15, 2012

Our Boyfriends Have the Same Name

This is a belated Valentine’s Day gift. It’s not for you but you’ll probably enjoy it anyway. Happy 15th of February!!!! MORE »

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Article by J.D.Basement
April 24, 2012

The Graduating Senior’s Mass Text to Potential Sexual Partners

22. That’s the number that is making many of us graduating seniors cringe today. 22 days until graduation. 22 days until we enter the real world. 22 days until you’re stuck with whatever your college sex tally is for the REST OF YOUR LIFE. For the past 4 years, we’ve been able to fall back... MORE »

Article by Chris Varney
January 27, 2012

Report: 90% of Mizzou undergraduate students “seem mad “

The Dept. of Psychology at the University of Missouri has just released the results of a groundbreaking 10-year study conducted by Dr. Bram Wiesel entitled “U MAD BRO, U SEEM MAD: A look at anger in college age populations.” The results indicate that, among the 1,876 students surveyed, over 90% between the ages of 18-22... MORE »

Article by Anonymous
October 14, 2010

ESF Student Invents Deodorant–Thinks He Is First

It was a day like any other over at the SUNY ESF campus, but everything was about to change. ESF Junior, Mike Fern, was onto something, “I began to notice that I smelled. And then I lifted my head up and realized, shit, the entire room smells…like sweat.” Immediately Mike decided something needed to be... MORE »