USC Week in Review: News Happened!

Article by Lia Woodward October 9, 2011

The finest alternative source of this week’s DailyTrojan Headlines Noticeable lack of USC student participation in Occupy Wall Street Protest Looks like the Protest of the Occupy Wall Street Protest was a smashing success!!   Students struggle to maintain internships and GPA It’s time to make a decision: which one do we kill?   More... MORE »

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February 24, 2011

The Peter-Zone

Alan and his friends, Tyler and Deâ??Juan, are stuck on the wall scoping out the ladies, but they arenâ??t making any moves. That is, until â??the baddest girl on campusâ? Angel Rodriguez walks in. Alan, motivated by some unbeknownst burst of confidence, is convinced heâ??s going to dance with Angel tonight, even though his friends... MORE »

Article by apost
February 19, 2012

How to Have a Successful Chilifest: Ithaca 2012

Ithaca has gorges, wineries, Cornell, Applefest and Chilifest. That’s about it. There is nothing else going for this city so it is important to know how to make the best of what you have. 1. Never pay for chili: you might be asking….how can I enjoy such a glorious day without paying for any chili? ah... MORE »

Article by Alex Rosenthal
May 28, 2012

Apple Unveils New 60-Inch Touchscreen Television

At a press conference last Friday, Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed what could be a game-changing new product in the TV marketplace. You’ve seen touchscreen phones and tablets, but Apple is looking to be the first consumer electronics company to release a touchscreen television set. “If there’s one thing we’ve learned from iPods, iPhones, and... MORE »

Article by emcorbet
February 1, 2011

Campus Basement Official Investigation into College Freshmen Study

Based on a recent UCLA study, experts who clearly have far too much time on their hands reported that emotional stability in college freshmen has hit Rock Bottom*. These so-called experts tried to ascertain various reasons why the 18-19 year old demographic at colleges nationwide might be suffering more than prior years. But we at... MORE »

Picture by Anonymous
February 28, 2010

Halloween Abe

This is from the end of October last semester. Took the picture before my 9:30a.m. The pumpkin was removed after my class. Guess S.U. has no halloween spirit. MORE »

Article by natkirst
October 11, 2012

Chess Team Offers Free Blow Jobs To Vanderbilt Fans In The Name Of Sportsmanship

In the spirit of the somewhat overbearing sportsmanship that Mizzou fans dish out every game day, MU’s nationally ranked chess team decided they would show their appreciation to the Vanderbilt fans that drove 433 miles by offering free blow jobs to anyone showing some Commodore pride. “We were at the Golden Corral to celebrate our... MORE »