Emory College Library Hours Racist Against Asians

Picture by December 12, 2011

I’m getting arrested for studying for 5 hours. Someone please tell me this is not true. MORE »

Article by Max Lehman
December 5, 2011

Couples, Steroids, and Prudes

One may ask what all three of these items have in common. At Hofstra, these are three things seen and/or heard on the Hempstead Turnpike bar crawl that should not be. Why do we constantly go to these bars that are named after Mexican mothers trying to serve their children a late snack, reptiles that... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 9, 2010

SU Alumni E-Mails

For those of you who have graduated from Syracuse, you’ve probably gotten the e-mails that give you some advice for your future. But since no one ever reads these e-mails, I’ve decided to take it upon myself to let you know what these e-mails actually say. Here goes.   To: Class of 2010 From: Your... MORE »

Article by
November 18, 2011

Catholic Priests Fight To Reclaim Stereotype From NCAA Coaches

Following two alleged sex abuse scandals from Penn State football coach Jerry Sandusky and Syracuse basketball assistant coach Bernie Fine, Catholic priests around the world are fighting to reclaim their title as the stereotypical career choice for people who engage in inappropriate relations with young boys.   “Out of all people, who would have thought... MORE »

Article by
February 23, 2011

City of Los Angeles Bans All Parking Indefinitely For Street Sweeping

“Have you seen any of the streets lately” asked Alan Necker, head of the Street Maintenance Division of the Department of Public Works, of reporters on Wednesday. “They are filthy. Filthy, filthy, filthy.” Necker emphasized his point by tapping his foot three times and then blinking thrice in rapid succession. Citing recent scientific studies estimating... MORE »

Article by Ian Arnold
January 20, 2012

Top 5 YouTube Porn Parody Videos

It may not be the most epic list of XXX parodies, but per YouTube’s standards, these are the best of the best. You’ll see classic cartoon characters, a superhero and a pudding-pop loving icon re-made into the dirty alter ego you always wanted to see. We here at Mizzou don’t condone viewing of pornographic material... MORE »

Video by Humor Whore
December 6, 2010

A Meadow?

Humor Whore’s Andrew Graham rants on a litany of topics ranging from canine bowel movements to University donors. Watch and share in his rage. MORE »

Article by apost
December 3, 2011

5 Things I Learned About Billy Joel From Facebook

Billy Joel: 1. Wore a Cornell Sweatshirt on stage 2. Played a duet with President Skorton – who knows how to play the jazz flute like Ron Burgundy  3. Said Uptown Girl was a joke 4. Did not want to go to formal with anyone 5. Billy Joel > formals   Thank you to everyone... MORE »