FREE Andy Samberg Tickets – Contest!

Article by Anonymous March 24, 2010

Hey guys, the Andy Samberg show being held tonight at 8pm in Schine Student Center is going to be hilarious. Didn’t get a ticket, but want one REALLY bad?? We’ve got the golden ticket! A few weeks ago we asked you for the best questions to ask Andy. Today, were looking for the best ones... MORE »

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June 23, 2010
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April 27, 2011


Possible tornado from Tuesday’s storm? MORE »

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Article by Seymour Cash
April 20, 2012

A 420 Generation

Before you continue to read this article, chief, blaze, rip, burn, hit, puff, bake, torch, spark that grass, dope, ganja, herb, hash, skunk, chronic, boom, cheeba from your joint, blunt, bubbler, bowl, roach, stinger, bong, pipe, vaporizer. If you have already inhaled the luscious White Widow, dazzling Northern Lights, or intoxicating Purple Haze, then do... MORE »

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Article by drewthegoose
February 11, 2012

Greek Bailout: “The Yogurt Isn’t Working!”

Greek officials announced early Wednesday morning – the only workday in Greece – that despite its efforts to salvage their economy, the country has “very few” options remaining, citing that the yogurt hasn’t been enough to rescue their market. The Yogurt Stimulus was a highly-touted economic first aid kit that the Greeks set up more... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 30, 2010

Student Sentenced to 35-Life for Jaywalking

Over the past year, CUPD received numerous complaints about students jaywalking. Many students, for whatever reason (texting) decided to disobey pedestrian traffic laws, causing various close calls wherein motorists came within inches of running over a Cornell student.   Recently, CUPD has decided to do something about it.   On Thursday, September 16th at 3:23... MORE »

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September 19, 2010

PSA to Freshman Girl: How guys jack-off with a roommate?

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