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source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines


To avoid debt less Americans are using
credit cards; USC students’ usage, however, is increasing for
convenience reasons :
Not to reinforce stereotypes, but we just don’t get why
everyone’s going on about this “debt” thing.


90 percent of
students support October fall break; 95 percent support a week off for
Thanksgiving :
Roughly the same shocking support was shown for “candy,” “meaningful
sex,” and “other things that are obviously good”


Win against the Ducks
boosts morale :
We might have killed that fucking giggling dog if we’d lost


Yes that was a Super
Nintendo joke :
Trying to get some age diversity up in this article


Some students miss
out on SC-UCLA game and tailgating because it’s Thanksgiving weekend :
of us spend Thanksgiving with our families drunk outside booing the neighbors


Conquest highlights
included Cobra Starship and a Ferris wheel :
Conflicting egos resulted in a
backstage fight the Ferris wheel easily won.


Comedy@SCA initiative
launched, included a visit from Steve Carell and the Muppet movie; director
Peter Segal says “it’s about fucking time” :
Things got awkward backstage
when the Ferris wheel showed up drunk, insisting it’d been invited to give a

Photo credit: Grace Talice Lee

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