Trojan Brand Condoms’ newest product launch, the Trojan BareSkin condoms, has been one of this year’s hottest new items in premarital pregnancy prevention. The new product claims to be 40% thinner than the leading brand and made of traditional latex materials.

One of the largest misconceptions (no pun intended) of the new Trojan BareSkin condoms is the product’s ambiguous shelf name. “Wait a minute”¦ these are NOT made from actual bear skin?” said History major Theo Dumont. Theo is one of the many Trojan condom users who are disappointed by the “misleading” name. Students are excited to try a new product, especially individuals who have a history of latex allergies.

“I have been using sheep skin condoms for as long as I can remember, so I am eager to wrap my hands around the bear skin condoms that I heard about on the radio”¦” remarked Shane LaBone before we told him about the product’s real name.      

In the winter months college students tend to increase sexual activity, reports from University of Pennsylvania at Intercourse mentioned, due to the lack of available outdoor activities. A junior at the college noted that while he does in fact like to ski, he would rather be having sex. “I like skiing but I like the other slopes better”. Another student at UPI noted that Bears are associated with hibernation, staying warm, and winter. “The natural association of Bear Skin Condoms is quite obvious”.

This Marketing gaffe might actually help the Trojan brand, depending on how they react. The large subset looking for actual “Bearskin” condoms might search elsewhere for their warm and latex-free contraceptives. Only time will tell if this turns out to be a good sign. “We did not foreskin… I mean foresee such complications with our new product launch. We will have to reevaluate how certain consumers interpret the product name,” responded Don Sharp, a sales representative from Trojan Brand Condoms.