Your second-best source for this week’s Daily Trojan headlines.

Latino Empowerment
Speakers Series brings a dozen high-ranking politicians and city officials to
campus for fireside chats with students.

If things get awkward, that’s what the rotation is for, but
ideally it will be very romantic.

Café 84 to be replaced
by “healthier dining hall” this summer

It’s probably for the best, seeing as Café 84’s health has
been failing over the last few years.

USC Libraries receives
5-million endowment from Ronald Sugar and his wife Valerie

Not wanting to waste the opportunity, USC will be renaming the
library Ronald and Valerie “Sugar Daddy” Library.

Office of Overseas
Studies holds Study Abroad Fair during Study Abroad Week

It was in preparation for the Study Abroad Awareness Month for
Study Abroad Day, upon which there will be a Study Abroad Rave.

Students voice Lyon
Center concerns

Lyon center overhears them and will get back to us.

Queer History Exhibit
opens at Doheny Library

Correction, that’s the “Sugar Daddy” Library now.

New study reports that
unemployment rates for college graduates correlate to majors.

The most entertaining correlation was for students that
majored in Unemployment.

40% of beds pre-leased
at USC’s Icon Plaza while still under construction

“I don’t care if it has walls! Where do I sign?”

.6 inches of rain falls
on Downtown LA, causing minor campus flooding followed by a rainbow

That rainbow was definitely a sign of hope.

JEP celebrates 40th
anniversary with new program

It’s called the “candle-lit dinner followed by well earned
congratulatory sexy time” program

Dan Schnur enjoys getting students involved in Politics

“I JUST LOVE IT!!!” ““ Dan Schnur

Doheny Memorial Library
renovates book stacks elevators

They’re mainly removing the Doheny insignia in favor of “Sugar
Daddy,” along with all the ghosts.

USC outspends most of
its peer universities in lobbying

Damn right we did.

University honors MLK
with celebration in Bovard

It was a wonderful ceremony, but he didn’t even show up!