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Study finds that
playing video games can be as addictive to the brain as drugs

Especially when video games are snorted through the nose.
Isn’t that how we all do it?


USC sees decrease in
students from India



Professors present
project to build lunar structures

They’re thinking the moon would look a lot better with
DORNSIFE visibly written across it.


Slice Truck hands out
free pizza at USC Undergraduate Student Government Elections promo

Consequently, Slice Truck is leading all the polls for the
2012 election


Cardinal Gardens,
Century and La Sarbonne Apartments to be torn down so students can move to new

“new housing” being “the great outdoors”


LA Metro reveals
student safety plans for game days

“Lots and lots of condoms.”


Students say strong Trojan
network is responsible for increase in international students for the tenth
year in a row

They must be stopped!


80% of USC students are
in favor of gender-neutral housing

The other 20% said a significant fear of cooties may or may
not have influenced their vote


DPS says intoxication
related hospital transports decreased between August and October

Hah well, glad that didn’t last long


Community Health
Involvement Project and Asian American Tutorial Project join together for the
first time

It was kind of clumsy and not quite how they’d imagined, but
beautiful nonetheless, and they have no regrets. It was the right time.