The following letter was sent into the Campus Basement
offices by an anonymous source. It contains a message written to Syracuse
University from Georgetown University after Syracuse moved to the ACC. It was
found in a crumpled ball at Georgetown and was post marked  for September 18, 2011. It has been retyped
and posted on this website for posterity:


Dearest Syracuse,


I just read about your move to the ACC. I have to say, I am
truly surprised. Sure, we’ve had our share of fights over the last 30 years, but
how could you do that? Our rivalry was celebrated by everyone and you just shat
all over that! You left us out to dry!


Please take me back! Not the Big East, but the Hoyas! I am
nothing without you. Feel free to say Hoya Suxa whenever you want! What is a
Hoya anyway? I’ll change! We can become the Bulldogs or something. Maybe the
apples, that would be cute, right?


Syracuse, I’m writing this to you not only as an apology,
but a declaration of love. The only reason I wanted to beat you at that fateful
Manley Field House game was because I wanted your attention. I bet you didn’t
know that orange was my favorite color”¦


Just please, please think about it. Syracuse you will
forever be my only love. I can’t wait until the NCAAs to play you, it’s not
fair. You can’t just dump me like that.


Think about it. I’ll be waiting.


Forever in love,