Reports of a
“new” Bryant Center have been the talk of the Bryant University campus for the
past couple of weeks. Since its resurrection in the mid-1980s, the Bryant
Center has had little to no renovations to keep up with the rest of Bryant’s
more modern appearance. Outdated furniture, limited office space,
unsatisfactory dining facilities, and a lack of student leisure room have just
been some of the concerns voiced by Bryant students. “The Bryant Center is the “flea-market’
of campus, that’s where all of our old furniture goes to die,” said actuarial mathematics
major Jon LeBon.


students may have seen or taken part in Student Senate’s “New Bryant Center’
petition, claiming to help speed up
the renovation process. What many students do not know about the petition is
the underlying motive of Senate: to convert the existing Bryant Center into a
Hogwarts replica. “We have been in close contact with the architect who
designed the Hogwarts set for the Warner Brother’s blockbuster”¦” claimed an
unconfirmed representative of Student Senate.


The “new’
Hogwarts-designed Bryant Center is expected to have all of the same interior
features as seen in the movies including a 385 seat Great Hall, the West Tower,
moving staircases, and Filch’s Office which will house the Center for Student Involvement.
“We are even designing a replica of the Gryffindor common room
which will have squashy armchairs, a fireplace, and tables,” said
Biff Thompson.


Student Senate is still uncertain whether Sodexo will be able to
support Hogwarts’ complex dining menu with items including butterbeer, black
pudding, steak and kidney pudding, blancmange, and special beef casserole.  


Although the Bryant Center Hogwarts-replica is still in its stages
of infancy, the renovated expansion is expected to take between two and six
years to complete. Bryant’s administration failed to comment about the future
of the Bryant Center.