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Picture by Anonymous
December 3, 2011

An Alumni Computer Screen During A Syracuse Basketball Game

And, I quote my friend Kaitlin “Having double computer screens is essential on game days..” MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
June 6, 2011

BREAKING: Wiener pictures confirmed on student’s work computer

MAIN CAMPUS ““ “Ugh, like no one else does this kind of thing,” student Paul Dickman attests, in response to the now-confirmed allegations that the wiener pictures saved to and sent from his on-campus work computer are indeed his. The original picture, discovered by a diligent coworker, was highly suspect ““ supervisors were “pretty sure”... MORE »

Article by Sheldon J
December 4, 2010

Mac Computer Crashes After Photo Booth Overload

Today was a sad day for freshman Sarah Shelowitz when her rumored to be invincible Macbook Pro suddenly crashed, turned off and would not turn back on again “All I was doing was taking black and white pictures of myself on photo booth while waiting for my friends to come over to drink some healthy... MORE »

Article by eeeeeeeee2
November 18, 2010

Computers Crash Across Campus, Chaos Ensues

After spending years subjecting students to SU’s array of dated computers and dated versions of Windows (is 95 not modern? Not 98 either? Surely this Vista thing is”¦), the school upgraded to Windows 7 in all of its 1990s computers – and watched the chaos ensue. Since the 2010 software upgrade in the Cretaceous-era computers,... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
October 4, 2010

Okay, We’ve Got An EPIC Prank For You!

We here at CuseMyCampus love pranks. What a better way to spend your morning/afternoon than screwing with your best friends? Pull this awesome prank on an unsuspecting roommate, or friend who you just don’t like. Here are the steps. If you have access to your friends computer: Find your friends computer. Open up their favorite... MORE »

Article by Ian Smith
September 14, 2010

Study Shows Students Pretending to Take Notes on Laptops “Totally Fool Professors”

A study conducted last week concluded that every single student using a laptop computer during Syracuse University lectures were not taking notes, but rather, were constantly refreshing their Facebook pages for notifications, updating their fantasy football team or checking TextsFromLastNight.com for messages pertinent to their social lives and to their sexual habits. The study also... MORE »

Article by Piliour
September 7, 2010

Air Orange vs. Air Orange X

For those of you old enough to remember (probably about 7 of you) Air Orange became Air Orange X during 2006. Students were forced to download software and install it on their computers, and Air Orange became, effectively, obsolete. The question that no one asked is: why? The answer that no one provided (until now)... MORE »

Article by Piliour
March 23, 2010

How to Print an Assignment On Campus Before Class

1. Enter your username and password 2. Restart the computer after it freezes midway through typing your password 3. Move to a different computer after the previous one refuses to finish restarting 4. Open internet explorer 19 times because you’re not sure if it understood that you clicked the icon the previous 18 times 5.... MORE »