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Article by Leah Folta
March 17, 2012

Week in Review: Hard out here for a News

Some employers look to Facebook profiles to determine a potential hire’s personality : I can’t figure out how to delete that application that put me in Hufflepuff!! DPS detained two bike theft suspects; one was found in possession of a pair of bolt cutters and a bike that he admitted was stolen, and the second suspect... MORE »

Article by Leah Folta
October 31, 2011

Week in Review: It’s not the size of the boat, but the motion of the News

Your second-best source for the past week’s Daily Trojan headlines   Spirit leaders reveal enormous new banner for Coliseum student section : You know what they say about spirit leaders with big banners”¦ they don’t have very big penises.   More women earning science master’s degrees : Marked rise in douchebags going “kitchen sciences, am... MORE »

Article by Piliour
January 25, 2011

Week in Review

Sex U Up: SU is once again offering Human Sexuality this semester. Upon being informed that the course does not count toward their Arts and Science requirements, the majority of students will A. be forced to take 18 credits their last semester, B. Convince themselves that a Child/Family Studies minor will greatly complement their Engineering... MORE »

December 29, 2010

Sports in Review 2010

Sports news straight to your face!                                                                                 To end the NCAA football season, The Auburn Tigers... MORE »

Video by smalls
December 29, 2010

The 2010 Music Year in Review

DJ Earworm released this United States of Pop 2010, combining both the songs and videos of the top 25 songs of 2010 into an awesome mash-up. 2009’s was better (mainly cause the songs were better), but its still pretty ill. MORE »

December 28, 2010

Year In Review 2010

It was a riveting few months, from Lebron taking some Heat to Conan’s return to the repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. In case you’ve been living inside a beer can (or several beer cans) for a while, here’s what you missed. Repeal of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell In the last weeks of a Democrat-dominated... MORE »

Article by
December 12, 2010

Week in Review: A Very Miley Christmas

This week’s “Week in Review” is dedicated to TMZ and all of the other media outlets that deliver the “real” news on a regular basis.   She’s Just Being High”¦ly Miley Cyrus’ new music video features the teen sensation with her same candy-coated shtick – except this time the singer allegedly takes a hit of... MORE »

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December 5, 2010

Alcohol Whipped Cream and More | Week In Review Dec 5

We are back to deliver you the greatest news of the week. And by greatest, we mean whatever people were sharing on Facebook. Facebook Profile Picture Thing On Facebook this week, millions of users changed their profile pictures to their favorite cartoon characters from their childhoods. There are mixed opinions on what the original intention... MORE »

Article by Syracuse Staff
October 16, 2010

Week in Review

Senior vice president and dean of student affairs Thomas Wolfe sent out an e-mail to Syracuse University students this week reminding them to be sensitive, thoughtful and respectful in choosing Halloween costumes. He added that sexy nurses could offend those in the medical field, sexy pirates could be insensitive to terrorists on the coast of... MORE »