It’s almost spring break. That means many of you are almost at the airport, about to crack open a brand new Hustler Magazine copy of the newspaper and a KING SIZED SNICKERS bottle of water. While this is a civilized way to kill time, why not make a drunken fool of yourself instead? Campus Basement presents SBAPB Spring Break Airport Bingo, a fun way to drink until you are in danger of missing your flight! Simply print out the BINGO cards below, and give a copy to your friend/a friendly stranger/a drunk businessman in the airport bar. Every time you see one of the items listed, cross it off and take a SHOT drink. If you get 5 in a row, FINISH YO’ DRINK! Trade cards, play again! Trade back, you’ll be too drunk to care. Wanna make out with your travel buddy? Play SBAPB. Wanna make out with the bar tender? Play SBAPB! Wanna make out with the stewardess? Roofies SBAPB! WHO CARES ITS SPRING BREAK!**

** Campus Basement is not responsible for any ugly hookups and/or venereal diseases that result from SBAPB.

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