Due to how freaking ridiculously cold it is right
now, the Syracuse University Health Center issued a special email alert
informing the student body of the dangers of frostbite, hypothermia, and other
cold weather injuries. Some of the brilliantly handy tips they offer on how to
stay warm in sub-freezing temperatures include putting on a scarf, staying
inside, and my personal favorite: not
wearing wet clothing, particularly wet socks
. Now that’s some COOL advice!
Har har har.


Seriously though, this is college. These emails are pretty
much an open request for someone to take on what I’ve dubbed the official Wet
Socks Challengeâ„¢. It’s easy!


Fill your socks with snow or run them under a
faucet until they’re completely soaked.

Put them on under your shoes.

Walk to class (for maximum effect, go to a class
in Whitman or Grant Auditorium so it’s an extra long walk).

If you have time to kill, stand around ankle
deep in a snow bank until class starts.

Once class starts, continue to stand in the snow
bank. There’s no way you have quizzes or anything this early in the semester,
so don’t worry about it.

Wait five to six hours.


You’re all done! Now, check your feet. If they look and feel
fine, congrats! You’ve won the Wet Socks Challengeâ„¢. We won’t feature you on
our home page or anything, but give yourself a good pat on the back.


If your feet are hard, waxy, numb to the bone, and covered
in festering purple blisters, sorry! You have frostbite. Try again tomorrow. Good
luck, everyone!