First off I’d like to apologize about being SUPER late, this is what happens when you have no costume, no free time, and an addiction to How I Met Your Mother on any channel I could find. I assure you Ill be a little more on time for those of you who I know are waiting so patiently for the free music of the week that happens to be substantially bitchin’.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have been to the Eiffel Tower, I have seen the Sistine Chapel, I’ve even hitch hiked through the rain (true story for another time). Never before, have I experienced a concert such as Ok Go at Wescott Theater Tuesday night.

This was taken with my phone, not zoomed in. Damian Kulash every body.

For those of you who dont know who Ok Go is, let me refresh your memory:

yep, those guys. They have so many more hits than that song alone, most of which were played Tuesday. Thanks to my friend Tyler who I attended the show with, and his SUPER long arms, we were able to get the setlist off of Kulash’s amp and because the setlist is hanging in my dorm now, I was able to create the setlist as a zip file for all of you to have. Sure theyre all studio tracks but its still the songs played. The only one live in the file is their lesser known song (but my number 1 FAVORITE song) Return off their first album, self titled. The whole song was played on handbells coordinated to the rhythm of the song. Heres what youll be hearing from that:

So. heres what youre getting:
All the songs from the show
the list of the songs in order so you can experience the joy I felt Tuesday night.

enjoy. its sick.