Hmm? The what? Syracuse Symphony
Orchestra? What is that? Is it part of SU?“


No, insipid child, remarkable to believe, there is a
Syracuse that exists outside of this university. And unfortunately, that
Syracuse may receive a serious blow this Friday if the Syracuse Symphony
Orchestra does not meet budget requirements and is forced to close four months
before the end of its season.


But, like, why would I ever go
and pay to listen to orchestra music? I guess I just dont
have time,“ says sophomore Marcus Pollen,
while playing Black Ops.


Oh, thats
the one with all the instruments right? Like all the instruments on stage?
Yeah, Ive heard of it. What about it?“ Asks junior Lena Tistin.


Students and locals
apathy toward the symphony orchestra is nothing new. Save for those used to the
SSOs holiday concerts in December or the Independence Day
celebrations, most have never been to an SSO concert at all.


I mean, Im
broke as can be, I cant justify paying for
something that really isnt me,“
says freshman Morgan Rosenoff, while sipping a venti gingerbread latte.


Nonetheless, SSO is hurting and a Syracuse without music is
a sad thought. Support this community and its stages.