Hey what’s good?

When it came to creating music, if your mantra was “Make
every word count”, you’d be dropping hits consistently like this week’s Hoodie
Allen, the New York based rapper and songwriter does. With a penchant for
candid storytelling and witty punch lines, Hoodie has always been an artist who
knows the importance of connecting with the audience through his lyrics. Every
line of every song can be quoted, re-quoted, twittered and made into any
facebook status.

“Got flow like bros
that try to play lay-crosse, now my name is stuck in all your throats like a
late cough”
““ Words of Wisdom

Hoodie Allen’s Peprally dropped 9.24 but it like Hoodie, did
not go unnoticed. Hoodie, teaming up with Producer RJF, the two are pioneers in
the hip-hop industry and have no problem exploring new techniques of mixing. The
rhythms are light and catchy which will keep anyone coming back for more. I
have listened to this track multiple times within the last week and cant find
one negative thing he says about himself.

Hoodie Allen does not disappoint with Peprally. It is a
must have mixtape for your first semester back at Cuse and fits in well with
Syracuse Spirit week coming up next week. This mixtape is the perfect example
that shows that Hoodie knows what the fuck he’s doing.

Each track ranges from 1:40 to 4 minutes. Unlike the mixtape
from last week, there are no transitions so don’t feel pressured to have to
play the whole tape if you’re looking for a specific vibe for whatever you’re

Here are some of the artists Hoodie used in the making of
this tape:

Marina and the Diamonds
Florence + The Machine
Two Door Cinema Club
Alex Winston and Rene Symonds
Cold War Kids
The Black Keys
Alex Boyd
Chris Wallace
Beach House
Flight Facilities
Death Cab For Cutie
VV Brown
Ingrid Michaelson

And here my
favorite tracks on the tape:

Look At What We Started

Swimming With Sharks

You Are Not A Robot

Party At The Beach House

Words Of Wisdom

Like it? Yeah, me too. Want it?


Download it here


Check in next Thursday at 3 PM for more music.


Shoutout to AEPi’s own Zach Jacobs, A DJ on campus who goes by the name of DJZJ
for hitting number 1 yesterday on fratmusic.com. Check it out:

Listen to all his stuff for free here

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