In an effort to boost participation at the annual Home to the Dome event held, as the name suggests, in the Dome, SU has decided to rename the event. This year, they’ll forgo the informative “Home to the Dome” title and replace it with a more assertive title: “Seriously, Guys, Please Come to the Dome.”

Home to the Dome was originally conceived in an attempt by the university to make freshmen feel “as awkward as humanly possible upon their arrival.” Years past have seen the Dome host such spellbinding acts as “That Asian Pots and Pans Band,” “Otto Spinning Himself and Trying Not to Vomit,” and “Whatever That Chant is that RAs Claim We All Say At Games But That Really Just Makes You Sound Like a Stupid Freshman.”

These events will most likely not be changed this year.

What will be changed is the attitude of the SU officials hosting the event.

“It’s gonna be a blast!” said Harry Blaine, an RA from Flint Hall. “Seriously, everybody’s gonna be there. And there’ll be punch! Who doesn’t like punch?”

Harry Blaine was reportedly the kid everyone hung out with because he had the best toys.

Still, it will be difficult for the Class of 2015 to pass up Home to the Dome. After all, if they don’t go, how will they know whether or not they’ve got to roll with the orange and/or jam with the blue?