We make a lot of jokes at CuseMyCampus. Some are based on real things, some
are just funny, and some we think are funny and you think are stupid. And while we’ve made a TON of jokes at the expense of the
football team, the team is kicking ass this year. So, despite the fact that
it’s Skip Class week, football games are not a class. Don’t skip!

Since this Saturday is the Homecoming game, we at
CuseMyCampus feel that it is our duty to help the team try to Orange Out the
Dome. Wear your orange on Saturday, orange that shit out, and then we’ll have
done our part to help them out.

Then we can continue to mock them, even when they win.

Note: we only make fun of the football team because it’s
behind their back. We would never do it to their face. Because they’re too tall
for us to speak face-to-face.

And also because they would crush us instantly.

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