It’s official. A recent edition of the New York Times voted Back Street Pub the “filthiest establishment
in all of Poughkeepsie.” The article went on to indicate that, if all goes
according to plan, Back Street will soon be up for the Filthiest Establishment
in the World Award.

Back Street owner Kevin Charles said, “It’s an honor to win
this prestigious award, really. We had some stiff competition, but in the end
we pulled it out. We’re optimistic about winning the World Award, too.”

The competition in Poughkeepsie included Smiles Nightclub,
The Chance, and a gutter on Fulton Avenue.

Students, however, are not discouraged by the filth in Back
Street. Said one student, who wished to remain anonymous (probably because he’s
underage), “The beer’s cheap, so who cares. Sure, there’s some rat urine on the
floor and I’ve seen the same pair of shit-stained underwear on the floor for
weeks, but whatever, it’s college.”