In a recent press conference, Red Foxes men’s basketball coach Chuck Martin stated that he aimed to “do the exact same thing next year” as his team did this year. In the 2009-2010 season, the Red Foxes were 1-29, with the one victory coming in conference play, along with 17 of the losses.

“We did pretty damn well last year,” said Martin in his team’s defense. “We beat Manhattan. Nobody saw that coming! I’m looking to do the same exact thing next year,” adding, “Who knows, maybe we’ll beat Loyola!”

Rather than being offended by the low-aiming goals of the coach, the Marist community was overjoyed and optimistic. “I really think we can do it,” said sophomore Ben Tupper. “It’s gonna be a tough road, but hopefully we’ll slug it out and get that win. Maybe not over Loyola, maybe over Manhattan again. But a win’s a win.”

“It’s just nice to know we have a coach who can dream big,” said senior Sean Silversmith. “In the past, we’ve had coaches come in with these pessimistic goals, saying, “We’re not gonna win a single game.’ Coach Martin’s a daredevil, and I love him for it.”

It remains to be seen whether Martin’s goals will be met by his players, or if they’ll fall short. But one thing’s for sure: they’re not going to be exceeded.