A recent poll indicates that 99% of Marist students are
unaware of Cannavino Library’s hours. In fact, 83% of students believe that the
library is only open during the week before midterms, and finals week.


“Total mind blow,” said Joe DiMarco, one of the students
polled. “Not the fact that students don’t know the hours, the fact that we have
a library! I just thought that one of the buildings turned into a study lounge
during finals week.”


“I still don’t believe it,” said Mary O’Connor, a senior who
was polled. “I always thought it was just flown in by helicopter or something
before exams. If it’s there all the time, they should do something useful with
it, make it into a bar or something.”


Cannavino’s actual hours are 8-10 Monday to Thursday, 8-4
Friday, and Noon-5 on the weekends. Only 10 students polled knew these hours.


And they were all Asian.