For the first time in Marist’s long history, a student has
successfully crossed Route 9 on his way from Fulton Street to the library.
Hundreds of students have attempted the feat in the past, but none have
succeeded until Kim Buckwaltz, a senior communications major.


“I thought about it once, but decided against it,” said
junior Eric Andrews, adding, “I decided to hail a cab, have him drive down to
the Galleria, then pull a U-turn and take me back up to my house on Delafield.
It’s easier that way.”


Others took a different approach in avoiding the turmoil of
Route 9. “I just told myself right off the bat that I would never, ever, cross
the street,” said senior Sean Butler. “I’ve lived on campus for all four years,
I’ve never ventured over to McDonald’s or Quiznos, and I don’t regret it. It’s
simple: either you don’t cross Route 9, or you die.”


Marist officials were surprised at the news, too. “I thought
for sure that when we made the Walk signal take 19 minutes to change, students
would just give up and decide that whatever they needed on the other side
wasn’t worth it,” said Professor Joseph Wendell, adding, “I guess I was wrong.”


Buckwaltz, who’s being praised by her peers as “the most
courageous person alive,” doesn’t think too highly of her accomplishment. “To
be honest,” she admits, “I was BBMing when I crossed. I wasn’t even looking.
Come to think of it, I do remember hearing a lot of horns and tires squealing.
Oh well.”

Still, officials are not optimistic about Route 9’s safety.
“It’s still easier to cross an airplane runway than it is Route 9,” said
Wendell. “The planes drive slower.”