I dont know how Im writing this right now, being Goodburger
is on and then right after is a new jersey shore plus Im making this dope ass
bracelet thats taking forever but is totally worth it. But I have to being that
its been a really good week so far.
Lets recap:
1. Remember that time that the news told us we were going to get 20 inches of
snow and then we didn’t? Lol.
2. That bulbous rodent actually pulled through this year and gave us an early
spring… phst yeah like spring even exists in Syracuse. Yeah, okay, Phil.
3. TWO, not one, but TWO mix tapes dropped this week making me VERY happy.
So lets get right into it:

So Sunday is of course the superbowl and because of that, Wiz’s popular Black
and Yellow
has been blowing up because of the Steeler’s colors. Lil
dropped his own version of the track for the Packers using his sick
flow to his advantage with the same back track. Black and Yellow wouldnt be a
hit without Weezy’s two cents.
ch ch ch check it out yo:

If you didnt read point number 3 from above, reread it. Its a big deal. Especially for me. Being that both of which are two of my favorite bands. Up first,

Shwayze featuring Cisco Adler. Remember Buzzin from like 2 summers ago? It was like the summer jam to end all summer jams (that’s a lie, nothing will beat Summer Girls ever. That song is my fucking drug.).Well, yesterday, they dropped a new album with their song Cali Trippin’ headlining it. Shwayze’s southern California style is easily described by the song title almost too easily. Their new album The W’s features only like 6 or 7 songs but the quality makes up for the quantity. By far, my favorite song on the album is Collect Call. So have fun with that one.

Next, ACoolStick. Ive talked about them before and they just keep outdoing themselves. Their last tape, The Dopeness, was featured on Thissongissick.com as one of the best free mix tapes of 2010. Now theyve come out with DIY or Do It Yourself. Luke the front man, continues to spit new rhymes on each track that tell a story worth following. Heres a preview of what youll be hearing on this 15 track tape:

not to mention they’re such nice guys. Deff kids to bring home to mom. Check out their newly launched website

Okay so thats it I think for right now. Sorry its such a short post and its so late. 

I blame Brian W.

Im going to pass out.