Cornell University had received multiple complaints from professors, students and prospective students after visiting about the amount of wheelie back packs around campus.

“The wheelie backpacks are an inconvenience” says Aaron Stewart ’14. “I admit I had one in high school, but when I got to college I knew it was time for a change.”

These backpacks cause major problems around campus. When going down the slope the backpacks gain a mind of their own rolling from side to side making it difficult for their owner.

“I saw a kid who looked like he was chasing after his backpack down the slope.” said an anonymous onlooker.

We asked some people around campus that we saw who were wheeling their backpacks to ask them why they have yet to ditch the wheels.

“I have a back problem so my doctor told me this was a good solution,” said Susan DeMoines ’11. “The ban would be discriminating against people like me.”

Other students who we interviewed wished to remain anonymous.
“I get heckled at a lot.I hear things like, ‘I remember when I had a wheelie backpack…like 10 years ago!’ That hurts.”

So it is up to administrators what they want to do about this problem around campus. Should they appeal to the masses and ban wheelie backpacks that cause numerous trippings around Cornell? Or should they leave the option up to students as to whether or not they want to wheel around or carry their books?

Let us know your opinion.