With finals over and school done until August, Cornell students are excited. For sophomore government major Frankie Howard, excited is an understatement. On Friday, May 18th, Howard allegedly brought his laptop and speakers, along with a Grey Goose bottle, a Red Bull, and a flask filled with whiskey, into the basement of Olin Library and threw himself a one person end-of-the-semester party.

When Marie Wolfson, the woman in charge of the 9pm to 12am shift at Libe Café, walked in, she was astonished. “I walked in because I thought I heard something fall, and Frank was dancing on top of a table with sunglasses on and a huge vodka bottle in his hand,” Wolfson said. She then quickly alerted her superior, who then alerted Cornell Police when Howard wouldn’t stop.

When CUPD came to the scene, Howard, already heavily intoxicated, offered the cop on site a drink. After realizing that the party wasn’t fun, the police then took him to the station and issued him several tickets and a JA. When asked to comment on the situation, the CUPD offered a statement from Officer Bill Weber. “When we walked in, ‘Call Me Maybe’ was playing. Once we heard that, we knew that we had had enough of his antics.” So maybe Howard getting in trouble was Carly Rae Jepsen’s fault? “My 8 year old daughter has not stopped listening to that song for the past two months and I still can’t sleep at night,” said Weber.

Thankfully for Frankie Howard, he was not arrested, but only ticketed. When we sent him a Facebook message seeking a comment on the situation, Howard only replied with one sentence. “I’ll answer, if you call me, maybe.”

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