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Article by maxmartinez
May 21, 2012

Sophomore Throws Party in Olin Library’s Basement

With finals over and school done until August, Cornell students are excited. For sophomore government major Frankie Howard, excited is an understatement. On Friday, May 18th, Howard allegedly brought his laptop and speakers, along with a Grey Goose bottle, a Red Bull, and a flask filled with whiskey, into the basement of Olin Library and... MORE »

Article by apost
December 8, 2011

Cornell Finals Week Problems

It’s 8AM the Saturday before finals and Olin isn’t open so you study on the roof attempting not to freeze your ass off. It’s 12PM and you spend 30 minutes on the phone with Expedia.com because your flight home has changed and they send you an email telling you to call them immediately, but only... MORE »

Article by rkrieg
November 9, 2011

So You Think You’re a Whispers Socialite

As WashU students, you are obviously getting your monthly fix of human interaction from library socialization. If not, you are probably one of the kids who draw anime in Bear’s Den, a member of the university’s molepeople population (including the Sam Fox molepeople sector), or someone who “goes out” … whatever that means. The library... MORE »

Article by apost
October 27, 2011

Olin Stacks Flasher Finds True Love at Jewish Speed Dating

Recently an anonymous male was found running around Olin exposing himself to females and shocking them to the point of tears. CampusBasement investigative reporter Jenna Til-Warts had an exclusive interview with the famous flasher. She pried into the mind of the psychopath in an attempt to figure out what the roots of his problems were. ... MORE »