Downtown Columbia still smells faintly of smugness and body odor today from the hundreds of Caucasian hipsters who congregated at the Blue Note last night for the Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA) concert.

OFWGKTA is a rap collective out of Los Angeles, CA. with seemingly over a million members. Among them are R&B singer Frank Ocean; rappers Earl Sweatshirt, Mike G, Hodgy Beats and Domo Genesis; producers Left Brain and Syd Tha Kyd; and “Young nigga” Taco along with “Dirty box o’ stank” Jasper Dolphin, who both seem to do absolutely nothing at all.

The Columbia lineup, however, did not include the musical styling of Frank Ocean, as he is just wrapping up a separate tour now. This changed the demographic of the concert completely, as Frank Ocean would have definitely drawn a large crowd of sorority girls who, despite his recent coming out, would give anything to fuck him, along with any frat guys who would come out in hopes of fucking the disappointed women once they heard of Frank’s lifestyle.

With lyrical content centering mostly on getting high and hitting women and children, it’s no shock that this group has mass appeal among upper-middle class white college students.

OFWGKTA has been compared to a young Wu Tang Clan in that they both are rap groups and, other than that, have virtually nothing else in common.

“People used to say the same shit about Wu Tang’s music when it came out,” Rebecca Donald, OFWGKTA fan, said about the criticism the group has received for its lyrics. “Like, Wu Tang was edgy at the time, and so is this. Domestic violence is the next new thing, isn’t it?”

Lakota Coffee shop reportedly purchased an extra 1,000 pounds of free trade coffee beans in preparation for the expected influx of hipsters on account of the OFWGKTA concert.

“We were really excited for the big crowd last night,” Lakota manager Steve Smith said. “We’re all jsut glad we didn’t get too much business, though. That’d be way mainstream, dude.”

Despite the controversy behind the group’s violent, anti-establishment lyrics such as “kill people, burn shit, fuck school,” the Columbia police force said they didn’t lose any sleep over the matter.

“I feel like this was really one of the safest concerts we’ve had in Columbia,” policeman Greg Stoops said. “The concert venue was a cute little place for these skinny little rats to get out some of their aggression by jumping around for a little bit, then they all just went back to their houses to sit on their MacBooks until something else happens.”

This mass appeal of OFWGKTA really comes from what Stoops called the “illusory danger” factor. These kids can protest an oppressive American society by shouting out obscenely violent lyrics without ever having to actually do anything, Stoops said.

“To be honest, we were more worried about the Wilco show,” Stoops said. “Those kids are shady as hell.”