If there
is anything in this world that guys love, it’s their bros.


Just look
at Bobby Morris, a sophomore. Morris was happy to be in a pack of nine bros. Or
so he thought.


“All of
them have been there for me through so much and it’s really great to just kick
back and have fun with a bunch of guys without having to worry about any girls
being around,” recalls Morris. “It never really stuck out to me that one of us
wore skirts sometimes.”


It turns
out that if one were to list out the bros (all sophomores) by name, it would
look like this: Bobby, C.T., Ryan, Cameron, Steve, Kevin, Tyler, Will and”¦


shakes his head, still a little confused. “I mean, Allison is so chill and
funny, and DEFINITELY an important component of the group. I  guess I just always have so much fun
with Allison and everyone that I didn’t realize she’s a”¦.she. Is that how I say it? She?”


Ryan also
appeared to be struggling with this new revelation. “We even call ourselves The
Fellowship for goodness sakes, cuz there’s nine of us,” he says, rubbing his
head from the effort of trying to sort it out in his brain. “Guess who came up
with that? AND SHE’S A GIRL!?”


to the boys, Allison has always participated in their gatherings, doing
anything from eating and joking with them to engaging in the occasional light
saber fight.


“I did
notice Allison never really went shirtless around us, even if we were all doing
it for fun or whatever” points out Cameron. “Some dudes aren’t really into that
I guess, but I never thought there might be some OTHER reason. I’ve pointed out
hot girls to her, and she agrees with me.
What was I supposed to think??”


The guys
have Steve to thank for figuring out Allison’s female status.


runs a hand over his beard as he describes how it all went down. “Sometimes
when we would all go out, Allison would wear, what are they called, wedges?
Wedges. And they made her legs look all cool, and her hair would be all nice,
and Kevin told me once that Allison smelled kinda good (no homo), so I looked
into that and he was right. That’s when I knew something was up.”


“I think
all of us were vaguely aware of these things” says Tyler. “Hugging Allison felt
different from hugging any of the other bros. I guess now it’s obvious why.”


“He means
boobs,” says Allison, emerging from behind the cluster of tall guys and looking
very unmistakably like a girl. “Hugging me is different because of boobs, which
I have. I can’t believe you guys are still confused about this.”


“I never
wanted to say anything about that, cuz Allison’s a BRO,” adds Will quietly. ”
But I mean, I noticed them, the bra straps, the shiny eye-lid stuff, all of it-
that’s all I’m saying.”


reassures us that this new understanding won’t change things for The
Fellowship. “I’m certainly not going to change the way I behave around her just
because of this new info. Allison has been one of the best bros I’ve ever
known, and her being a girl doesn’t change that,” he says as the rest of the
guys nod in agreement. “I might have to stop walking around in my underwear
when she’s over, I guess.”

These guys want all bros to know they can take a page from The Fellowship’s
book. Says Bobby, “the next time you get the vague feeling that the bro sitting
next to you looks super cute when they laugh at your jokes, you may want to
rethink comparing what your last yearly physicals were like.”



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