Today is 11/11/11, the most monumentally exciting and
important day since 10/10/10 simply because since the world didn’t end then, it
most surely will end today, right?




But just in case you’re skeptical about the sure destruction
of the Earth, below is your checklist of occurrences that will ensure that
today is in fact the last day of the world.


11. You wake up in time for your 8am class and decide that
it’s actually a good idea to go today rather than sleep in until 11.


10. The only song you hear all day is “Stonehenge” by Spinal
Tap. And it’s cranked all the way to 11.


9. You feel a strong urge to hug a pyramid.


8. All those Crest toothpaste ads have stopped saying it’s
recommended by 9 out of 10 dentists and instead say 11 out of 12.


7. The only place you eat at today is 7-11.


6. Jay-Z somehow was able to cross 88 things off his
problems list.


5. You stop pooping.


4. The only movie you can find on TV today is “Ocean’s
Eleven.” And not the good one with George Clooney.


3. You can’t help but eat French fries in pairs of two
because then they look like a certain number”¦


2. You make a wish at 11:11 to finally be able to ride
Falkor the Luck Dragon through the mystical land of Fantasia with Atreyu and
Artax by your side. Oh, and it comes true.


1. You go to see “Jack and Jill” in theatres”¦ And
you like it. 

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