For those who haven’t heard, two USC students (one of whom is in Kappa Sig, of the famous “pie” email) were totally fuckin’ on a roof during a campus event. The students were caught on camera for anyone a) who doesn’t believe it, or b) who wants to see two USC students totally fuckin’ on a roof.

Why, you may ask, did these two people decide to do it on a rooftop? Here are some theories:

“¢    They thought “star-gazing” was just a euphemism
“¢    Who can resist the phallic nature of a tall building?
“¢    They wanted to re-enact a scene from their favorite erotic play, The Diddler on the Roof
“¢    They’re both afraid of flying, so this is their Mile High Club
“¢    They were studying for an exam. Then they got bored and decided to leave the library to have sex on a roof.
“¢    He was out of condoms and they heard that babies can’t be conceived at high altitudes
“¢    It made for an awesome check-in on foursquare
“¢    It’s college. You mean you haven’t had sex on a roof in broad daylight?

Feel free to add your own in the comments section!

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