Oh! Is it already that time of the week again?
I guess so.

first of all, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Saint Nicholas Day, Happy Hijra, Happy Immaculate Conception of Mary Day and of course, Happy Bodhi day! Yeahhhh!!!
Its also:
National Handwashing awareness week, and today is International Anti- corruption day and Weary Willie Day

For someone who hasnt gotten a Hanukkah gift since I was 10, This is a big year for me. Before leaving to run a half marathon in Cancun, Mexico and spend 10 luxurious days afterward scuba diving and getting foot massages and things of that nature, my parents caved, and bought me a gift. No, not money, not a book or an ipod or something like that,

…..yeah. A snuggie.

To be quite honest, despite its bad rep, this shit is fucking warm as HELL. Its amazing. I wanted to walk around my dorm forgiving the students for their sins (JESUS JOKE! ZING!)… but then id be referred to as the weird freshman in the snuggie. But hey! its perfect for drafty dorm rooms so I’m certainly not complaining.

On to the music!

Okay so I was on Twitter the other day and this other really awesome Blog called Hold My Coat thats out of Syracuse also posted a link and I was like alright whatever no biggie ill listen. I loved it. These two guys who call themselves Aer (pronounced like air?) did a remake of Ke$ha’s We R who we R. I hate her, but this song brought it into a new light for me. Check it out:


The mixtape is in the zip file at the bottom of the article. Listen to it, dont, I dont care. I personally thought it was really good (I mean it did sound a lot like what you just heard, but hey! i liked that so no harm done ūüôā )

Next up: So I have this friend Sam (or as he likes to go by, Shady J.), whos a senior at the high school i just graduated from. Hes into indie acoustic music and on a weekly basis we throw music back and fourth at each other. He sent me this one song that has been stuck in my head ever since and its a great song. Im actually obsessed with it so saying its good is an understatement. The song is called I Should Go / Thinking Of You by Good Old War. Its a really light up beat song from these guys who are straight out of California, Check it outtt:

so thats that.

okay so my friend Tyler and I are into a lot of the same music. We experience the Magic of OKGO together and we always send music back and fourth. This one he sent me the other day, Its a mashup of Ellie Gould’s Starry Eyed and I Want You Back by the Jackson 5 (always a classic and very easy to mashup because of its very common chord progression). Of course the song I want you back is great on its own, but when I listened to Starry Eyed alone, I was a little disappointed because it was put together SO well in the mashup. I think ill stick with the mashup:

awesome right?

I mentioned last week that not everything I put up will be new and this is one of those: Lissie, an American folk artist, recorded a live version of her cover of Kid Cudis’ Pursuit of Happiness and we all know how much I love mah Cudi. I heard it like wayyyy back when in June and like immediately fell in love with this track. I mean take a listen for yourself:

Finally, I heard this the other day and I thought it was so good. Its Chiddy Bang’s remix to Fuck You by Cee Lo Green (one of the THE most fun songs to dance to, I learned this weekend). What I like about it is that its kinda sped up in a way but it still makes sense and the beat its self is still slow enough to understand. It literally flows perfectly so I’m not going to argue with what Chiddy does to make his songs work.

So yeah.
you’re getting all of that shit.
Enjoy it. I know I do.

“so, hows Cancun?”
“Good I went scuba diving today!”
“me too…. in the snow”