welcome back! How was your break? I really dont care. Im just so happy its spring semester. Now instead of seeing snow in my future, I see snow (apparently, spring doesnt exist here – but what do I know? Im just a freshman). So nothing has changed, except for the picture, I just like this one more and I believe its smaller? I dont know.

Big week this week.  for those of you who are living under a rock, it’s the Villanova game. Like all other made up festivities on this campus, the game is just another excuse for the students of this fine institution to get black out drunk (surely I’m not complaining). Also, it is the last weekend before Formal Rush begins so it is the last week for everyone to get their “rage” in before every party on campus closes to houses only. Therefore, I did my best this week to compile long mixes that should last you this whole unforgettable weekend (or maybe forgettable).

Recently I discovered a DJ who specializes mostly in pregame mixes lasting from about 20 minutes to 50 minutes. His most recent mix is entitled DJ Epic Presents Pregame volume 4. His transitions are very smooth and the songs he picks work well with eachother. The only thing that would turn me off to it is the signature he uses at the beginning. I find them to be a bit tacky and unprofessional but to each their own.
  Pregame Music Vol. 4 by DJ Epic412

Next up is Syracuse’s own DJZJ fresh out of florence after a semester abroad. DJZJ spent his time overseas learning about European architecture in the day and DJing at night at a popular club in Florence called Astor Bar and the nights that DJZJ was DJing were some of the bar’s best nights. Ive seen DJZJ spin a few times before at other events as well as had the pleasure of listening to his live recordings from Astor Bar which measures at over an hour and I find him to be much more professional with his work than a lot of the other DJs that I have heard. One of his more recent songs, Feel it in the Caribbean has struck me as one of his best, combining the ever popular theme song from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies and Three Six Mafia’s Feel it. Putting the song infront of a serious back beat made this a success for DJZJ and has to be one of my favorites. If you have a fever and the only thing that can cure it is more rage music, this will surely suffice (poor Christopher Walken joke? Womp womp.). Check this shit out:
  Feel It in the Caribbean (Pirates of the Caribbean vs. Tiesto + Three Six Mafia) by DJZJ –> Mr. Jacobs

The Cataracts have been trying very hard lately to keep up with the Far East Movement. But while the FEM is still making serious cheddar off Like a G6 as the radio plays, remixes, mashups, and dubsteps pour in, The Cataracts recently came out with a song that I can’t stop listening to. If you’ve heard it, good for you, If you haven’t its a killer. The song, Top of the World features Dev, who sings the chorus. It sounds a lot like most of what youd hear today coming from the genre that is The Cataracts and the FEM but let’s be real here, how many more times can you feel so fly like a g6?The song starts off slow so If you are a magical wiz with music editing software, go ahead take out the beginning or mix it into another song, I dont care. Below isnt the real video but someone made an unofficial video for the song which wasnt half bad. I think the song its self made it better and the video is just a cute side note. ANYWHO, enjoy:

Hoodie Allen has already made his BMT debut giving the public Pep Rally. Right after it’s release Hoodie was already back in the studio with his producer RJF (who is responsible for the dope beat behind this track) creating a new masterpiece for his loyal fans (like myself). This new song Dreams is a sneak peek off of his upcoming mixtape and sends out the message that Hoodie is testing a new style with a more solid flow.

Okay I was going to wait to post about G Eazy because he put out a different song that I discovered a few weeks back that is made for the spring/summer so Ill hold off on that song (for a later date) and bring you his newest that dropped a week ago. The song is called Right Now and it features Team Robot. Whats great about this song is that its flexible for any type of party and situation (except for maybe a Euro rave such as Copenhagen’s Sensation).This song belongs in the same category as Mac Miller’s Dont Mind if I do, Asher Roth’s She Dont Wanna Man feat. Keri Hilson and Sammy Adams’ Driving me Crazy, all of which are extremely versatile. So heres that one for you

Last but not least, a simple mashup by a DJ named Sebouse I found while mulling around Soundcloud the other day. Its a mashup of Deadmau5 (shocker) and Rhianna’s Only Girl in the World and does justice to both songs giving each song equal playing times, creating a very balanced mash. The song starts low to give anyone who chooses to mess with it the opportunity to segway from one song into it and still keep the beat at an even speed that wont awkwardly make the music jump or pause. This is the reason I love searching randomly on soundcloud:
  Deadmau5 vs. Rihanna – I Remember The Only Girl In The World (Sebouse Mashup) [Full download soon!] by Sebouse

Okay, Im out. I need to get my shit together for the first big night: Jersey Shore and possibly Sleeping in the dome. See you bitches on saturday for pregame, game, post game and rage sess at the Wescott.



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