Corporations prepare for the Entrepreneurship Club meeting with the upcoming Career fair…. and TRAPS!!!

Entrepreneurs are now known as a celebrities in America as more students are dropping out and becoming tech millionaires.  All the Hummers, Beemers, and Mercedes that are parked outside Whitman tomorrow will not be from the rich children with trust funds but those millionaires that created their fortune in college rather than climbing the corporate ladder. Corporations will set traps along the way so watch out!

Beware of the following corporate tactics:

-Logo ridden bottle openers (that will break open when opening bottles)

-Promise of a fast track promotion (to be stuck in a box for the next five years, smaller than the dorms at sadler)

-Recruiting materials (Trash to warm us for the during our cold Syracuse winters between company degredation season)  

– They are cunning, but just beware when you get the candy from the van, its not free

Anyway, everyone come to the Entrepreneurship Clubs first meeting tonight at 7 PM in Whitman Room 303