Frat Parties, Frat Parties, Frat
Parties. “Nuff Said.  While many people
argue that certain frats are better than others, they are all essentially the
same.  Loud music in the basement, a 30 minute
line to get beer at the bar, girls wearing just enough to avoid being arrested
for indecent exposure, and people grinding like its their job.

Sure, dancing is the whole reason
for going to frat parties. You don’t see people bobbing for apples or playing
pin the tail on the donkey, but what is grinding?  While the well-known Urban Dictionary defines
it as “when a girl is in front of a
guy, and they’re dancing; her butt to his crotch”, there is much more than
that., it’s an art-form and a college past-time.

As frat basements are borderline pitch-black, it is almost
impossible to see who you are dancing with. 
Frat brother, Kevin McDonald, said, “If she looks thin and the back of
her head is sexy, I’ll get up on that.” 
Most times the girls will not even look back and begin moonwalking
backwards onto the guy while the he gets his thrust on. These two strangers
have no idea what the other person looks like, but are still getting down and

            Both girls and guys usually dance
with multiple partners throughout the night, giving them a better probability
at acquiring a kiss than a name.  Alcohol
plays a huge role in this, however, as guys blame their “grenade’ hook ups on
their beer goggles; the darkness doesn’t help. 
Freshman Steven Braun admits, “She was a 10 in the dark, but when the
lights turned on, she was a negative 15.” 
This student should have taken Slim Shady’s advice to “look real close
because strobe lights lie.”

            The dance floor is not just limited
to grinding and make outs though, as some drunken horn-dogs try to round all
the bases.  Alex Jacoby states “I got a
sick reach around for about 10 minutes, now that’s a good night.” Hooking up
with random strangers is the “norm’ for all frat parties and is what most
frat-goers intend to do when they walk in under those Greek Letters. Keep your grind
on Syracuse.