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Article by Piliour
October 6, 2010

How to Exercise at Archbold Gymnasium

Greet the card-swiper at the front desk, even though she will NEVER greet you back, and make your way upstairs Sprint through the basketball courts, pretending you don’t see 16 pairs of eyes glaring at you because your big toe touched the out-of-bounds line on their court, causing the short Asian kid to miss the... MORE »

Picture by Syracuse Staff
August 26, 2010
Article by Piliour
April 14, 2010

Student Eats, Swims, Sinks like A Stone

On Tuesday, Aaron Barber ate dinner at Kimmel Dining Hall, just as he has done every Tuesday. But this Tuesday was different. After consuming his usual dinner, Aaron Barber ignored the advice of every paranoid mother in the universe: he went swimming ten minutes later and sank like a stone. Witnesses say Barber entered Archbold... MORE »