Dorial Greene-Beckham, Mizzou’s new football pride and joy, may have gotten most of the recognition, but he wasn’t the only one recently picked up by Mizzou. Mizzou also received the ESPNU’s 387th ranked player, Gene Troust, and he claims he deserves recognition as well.

“I have worked so hard to play football in college, and the only one that the Mizzou fans care about is DGB. It’s not fair, I want to be loved too!” Troust said.

Although DGB may be the most talented, Troust believes he can stand out in the crowd. His high school coach, James Ginge from Montana, has all the faith in the world that he can make Mizzou’s team proud.

“Eh, wait who are we talking about? Troust? Oh yeah, uh, he has always been a team player, works well in his”¦position thing,” Ginge said.

Mizzou has declined questioning about the 387th ranked Troust, and they don’t plan on speaking about him anytime soon. In fact, when asked simply what position he played, they responded with the vague response, “he’s flexible.” The 5’5”, 130 pound player doesn’t have a set position due to his awkward body stance and lack of talent. His only goal is to set foot on the field.

“I just want to at least look at the field and feel like a part of something. The $1000 scholarship a year was enough to want me to come to Mizzou and make the team look more diverse. I’m glad I could help out even if it means DGB will have all the fame.”

Mizzou’s head coach Gary Pinkel plans on keeping Troust on the sideline until he can actually throw a ball.

“That kid is awful, but he makes our team a more diverse place. We always enjoy the white kids being on the team,” Pinkel said.

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