“dead cats” (Vegas bound&gaggd)

Date: 2012-02-11, 12:46PM CST

I have a box full of them

Anybody know a good place to dispose em?

Well, Craigslist has hit a new creepy low. Let’s analyze.

1. Headline; dead cats.- I don’t like where this is going.

2. Vegas bound and Gaggd- uh.. so apparently this guy has committed felicide, wants to get rid of the evidence and then flee to Vegas to become a sadistic male stripper in order to fulfill his many sexual fantasies. Awkward.

3. “I have a box full of them” ““ Why a box? Why wouldn’t you just put them in a bag and throw them in a lake? Or pull a Casey Anthony and throw them in the woods? At least then they would decompose and provide nourishment to the soil.

4. “Anybody know a good place to dispose em?” ““ the term “EM” is sickening. How DARE you refer to these great dead pussies as “em.” What kind of sick man do you have to be to post such a creepy article on line? As if someone is going to write back and be like, “hey, yeah, I actually disposed of like 13 puppies the other day, I have a great place to hide them.”